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Zom100 in Hindi episode 11

Episode 1: The zombies continue to attack the village as Higurashi looks on in delight. Anju manages to find her dog in an animal shed, and Kencho recovers her. They head to the roof to avoid the zombies, but Kurasagi climbs up a ladder and, using a herd driver, attempts to push Kencho off the roof. Beatrix finds the water mill, but is cut off by Kanbayashi, who slices one of her swords in half with a chainsaw. Shizuka finds Tome and some other elders in a shed, but they refuse to leave, as they believe their old age will handicap them. Refusing to let them be however, Shizuka lures some zombies away (doing so without analyzing risks for the first time) and runs away. She manages to to escape, only to run into Atenbou, who declares his intention to forcibly kiss her, and she runs away again. Finally, Akira - using a plow to fight the zombies - finds the shed where his parents, Nagisa, Ayumi, and Sakura are hiding. As he fights the zombies outside, Akira apologizes to his parents for not paying them back for raising him. However, Teruo - who earlier showed further signs of weakness - opens the door and pulls Akira inside, saying the only way he can repay them is to outlive them. He then slams the door on them and goes to fight the zombies.