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Promote Instagram, facebook, linkedin or any other profiles or Your website

Plans :


1. 5000+ views ( One day 24 hours promotion ) : 250 rupees

2. 15000+ views ( Three day 72 hours continue promotion) : 700 rupees

3. 35000+ views ( 7  day 168 hours continue promotion ) : 1500 rupees





How does it work :


Your profile will be shown in a banner at the top of the website on each page of the website.

When they click on the photo, Your social media account or website opens directly.

After the day of advertising, you will get the analytics of the website as a proof. If ad target is not completed, then you will get a extra day of advertisment for free. 

If target hits more than views that you paid for, still this will be a bonus and no extra amount will be charged.





How does it look :

Photo 1:

Photo 2 :

Photo 3: