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Lookism in Hindi


Park Hyung Seok is an unpopular, bullied high-school student who is looked down on by his fellow student for his obesity. Bullied and harassed every day by a delinquent, he takes out his anger verbally on his mother and asks for a school transfer. Resolving to run away from his problems and start anew, he moves to Seoul and plans to attend a new high school. A few nights before he begins school, however, he receives a new body that is tall, muscular, and handsome. When one body is in use, the other falls asleep; he can switch bodies by waking up the sleeping one. His days are split between the two bodies: the handsome one for the daytime, and the original for the night. As Daniel Park (Park Hyung Seok) lives with two bodies, he begins to see how much the world discriminates against people considered unattractive or different. He experiences discrimination and hates for his original body, kindness, and special treatment of others. His new body makes him a social-media influencer, a trainee for an entertainment company, and a clothing model. At night, however, Daniel's dream life becomes a harsh reality when he returns to his original body.