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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 9


Jogo and Hanami fight Gojo up close, while Choso attacks from the rear. Gojo successfully overwhelms Hanami by completely crushing them into a corner with his Limitless, killing them. Stunned, Jogo tries to run away while still keeping Gojo busy. Mahito then arrives with a train carrying hundreds of transfigured humans that proceed to cause immense chaos in the subway among the civilians, unleashing even more he had in hiding. Pushed into a corner, Gojo releases his Domain Expansion: Infinite Void, but only for the span of 0.2 seconds, immobilizing every transfigured human and cursed spirit in the area while minimizing lasting psychological damage to the civilians. Gojo uses this opening and eliminates one thousand transfigured humans, leaving him exhausted. He is then confronted by the Prison Realm, but before he can escape its range, Geto greets him, shocking him and causing all his memories to come rushing back to him; enough time passes in Gojo's mind for the Prison Realm to trap him completely. Before he is sealed away, Gojo refuses to acknowledge this as Geto's true identity. "Geto" undoes the set of stitches on his head to expose a mysterious brain with a mouth, revealing that he transplanted his brain into Geto's body with his Cursed Technique to gain access to Geto's Curse Manipulation for his plans. Meanwhile, a Mechamaru-like ear-piece suddenly attaches itself to Yuji, alerting him to Gojo's current fate.