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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 8



Gojo enters the subway crowded with civilians where he confronts the curses Jogo, Hanami, and Choso. Meanwhile, Yuji accompanies Mei Mei and her brother Ui Ui, who proceed elsewhere above ground to deal with a newly discovered veil. They discover the appearance of transfigured humans, causing Yuji to realize Mahito is around. He decides to deal with the powerful cursed spirit sensed nearby, while Mei Mei and Ui Ui take care of the transfigured humans. Yuji discovers a (semi) intelligent grasshopper cursed spirit guarding a tool that controls the veil, overpowering the curse with his raw strength and destroying the veil. Yuji, Mei Mei, and Ui Ui reconvene below ground to discover Mahito and most of the civilians are gone. Back in the subway, taking advice from Geto, Jogo uses the civilians in an attempt to distract and overcrowd Gojo. He and Hanami execute a Domain Amplification, which allows them to deactivate a person's cursed technique, forcing Gojo to jump out of the way. Gojo takes off his blindfold, prepared to take the fight seriously, while Jogo remembers Geto's words to keep him busy for 20 minutes while he prepares the Prison Realm.