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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 7



Episode 7 of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 begins with Kokichi continuing his fight with Mahito. Despite having Mahito on the ropes, Mahito utilizes his Domain Expansion ability on Kokichi. However, Kokichi utilizes Sadatsuna Ashiya’s New Shadow Style – Simple Domain technique – to harm Mahito and free himself from his domain. Suguru confirms this domain technique neutralizes all other techniques and damages anyone. Kokichi sets his sights on Suguru, but Mahito attacks him from inside the Giant Mechamaru. 

Kokichi summons a smaller Mechamaru to defend himself and goes for one final assault to end Mahito. We cut to Kasumi sitting with  Mechamaru. Kasumi promises she’ll visit him one day to strengthen their bond. Mahito defeats Kokichi and departs with Suguru. We are greeted with several shots of the Tokyu Department Store’s Tokyo Outlet. The narrator states that sometime after 7 p.m. on Halloween a 400-meter radius veil was lowered. 

We see many citizens partying hard to celebrate the holiday in this area. Someone spots something strange in the sky. Suddenly, a strange wind current starts pulling people into it. At around 8 p.m., Kento converses with Kiyotaka about the incident. He’s accompanied by Megumi and Takuma. Meanwhile, Akari explains people were shouting “Bring Satoru Gojo” during this occurrence to Naobito, Maki, and Nobara.

She says the veil isn’t preventing sorcerers from entering or leaving and they can’t break it. Akari suggests finding the curse user who set it up and defeats them. We cut to Panda who is accompanied by Atsuya. Atsuya speculates the culprits behind the exchange event are responsible for the veil. He says the upper brass sent Satoru in alone to handle the problem. He said all the groups have been sent here on standby to catch Satoru’s rebounds. 

We cut to the citizens inside the barrier. They’re upset that they can’t leave. The episode closes with Satoru passing through the barrier and apologizing to a citizen for knocking him over. 

The Episode Review

This seventh chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen’s second season leans more into the action side of things. We witness Kokichi pull off all the stops to fight Mahito with his giant Mechamaru variant. Despite having many tricks up his sleeve, Mahito’s cunning antics helped him secure victory over Kokichi.

While it’s unknown if Kokichi is dead or not, many viewers will enjoy Mappa’s adaptation of this epic battle. Everything looked as fluid and sharp as in previous fights in this season. From Mahito’s shape-shifting on the fly to the calming segment between Kokichi and Kasumi, fans will be thrilled by Mappa’s strong attention to detail. Hopefully, this isn’t the end for Mechamaru/Kokichi. 

Meanwhile, it appears we’ll be heading into this season’s main event regarding Shibuya. Many viewers will adore seeing familiar faces like Maki and Panda crop their heads up, even though they’re just chatting with their supervisors. It’ll be interesting to see them fight the inevitable villains that’ll crop up within this environment. 

Overall, this episode was a blast to sit through. It’s setting viewers up for thrilling events ahead and I’m looking forward to seeing what Suguru has planned for our sorcerers and the citizens.