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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 2

Story :

Gojo and Geto:

After the fight with the Q organization, Gojo and Geto have to protect Riko, a special girl called a Star Plasma Vessel. She's the key to something big, but also a target for bad guys.

Gojo, being Gojo, wants to relax and do whatever he wants. Geto, being Geto, is serious and thinks they should follow Riko's wishes.

Riko wants to go back to school because she misses her friends. Gojo and Geto, with heavy sighs, take her.

School Days:

At school, Riko's classmates are surprised to see her. She's shy and nervous, but they welcome her back warmly. Gojo acts like the cool transfer student and charms everyone. Geto just chills in the background, judging silently.

Suddenly, bad guys attack! They want to kidnap Riko. Gojo, being super strong, easily beats them up. Geto uses his cursed speech to help. Riko hides and watches, scared but amazed by their powers.

Mysterious Threat:

After dealing with the attackers, Gojo and Geto notice something strange. Riko's assistant, Misato, has disappeared. Geto suspects this is part of a bigger plan to use Riko. Gojo, ever the optimist, hopes it's just a missing cat situation.

The episode ends with Gojo and Geto looking frustrated and worried. Misato's kidnapping throws a wrench in their plans and they know more danger is coming. Riko, caught in the middle, feels even more alone and scared.


We also get some flashbacks to Gojo and Geto's past in this episode. They were classmates and friends, but even back then, their different personalities caused friction. These flashbacks hint at the reasons behind their future falling out.

So, Episode 2 is all about:

Gojo and Geto protecting Riko

Riko going back to school

Dealing with attackers

Misato's kidnapping

And a glimpse into Gojo and Geto's past

It sets the stage for more excitement and danger in the future!

I hope this simple explanation helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about Jujutsu Kaisen.