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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 22


Panda rescues Kusakabe from the Shibuya destruction, while Mei Mei and Ui Ui are revealed to have fled to Malaysia. After using his cursed spirits to incapacitate Yuji, Pseudo-Geto proceeds to absorb and consume Mahito, using Uzumaki to take his Cursed Technique for himself. Just then, the Kyoto students arrive to provide backup, but are unable to do any effective damage. When Miwa attempts to slash him, Pseudo-Geto responds with a Maximum Uzumaki, which Kusakabe arrives to deflect. Choso suddenly appears, confronting Pseudo-Geto over his real identity as the man who experimented on him, Noritoshi Kamo, considered the most evil sorcerer in history; Pseudo-Geto reveals Kamo is one of his many identities he's taken throughout the years. Choso also realizes that Yuji is supposedly one of his brothers, and fights Pseudo-Geto in revenge. Choso's power is still not enough to combat Pseudo-Geto, and when the rest of the sorcerers try to assist, Uraume intervenes and uses their Frost Calm Cursed Technique to freeze everyone solid. Before they have the chance to kill anyone, Yuki Tsukumo arrives to assist.