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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 21


Yuji and Todo continue their fight against Mahito. The curse creates several powerful transfigured humans in an attempt to keep Todo busy, but he's able to easily take them out and regroup with Yuji. Taking influence from Gojo, Mahito activates a 0.2 second Domain Expansion, avoiding Sukuna's retaliation, while also succeeding in hitting Todo. Todo cuts off his hand before he's too affected by the transfiguration. His locket distracts Mahito long enough for him to activate his Cursed Technique by clapping Mahito's hand, allowing Yuji to hit him with a Black Flash. However at this moment, Mahito has figured out the true shape of his own soul, and activates Idle Transfiguration on himself, becoming the "Self-Embodiment of Perfection". His hide proves to be even stronger than Choso's to attack, so Yuji prepares to attack with another Black Flash. Todo once again distracts Mahito making him think he's used his Cursed Technique, when it in fact no longer works, allowing Yuji to hit the Black Flash, destroying Mahito's form. Yuji admits to Mahito that they are one in the same and that he will kill him as many times as he has to. A completely hysterical Mahito attempts to flee while Yuji slowly follows behind. But before Yuji can kill him, Pseudo-Geto appears before Mahito, offering to save him.