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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 20



Yuji goes into shock seeing Nobara's apparently dead body, thinking about everybody in Shibuya he failed to save. Mahito takes advantage of his mental state and pounds away at him, even executing a "Black Flash", while mocking his poor resolve. Just then, Todo appears, saving Yuji before he is killed. Todo gives Yuji a pep talk to him him regain his motivation, while his injuries are healed by Arata Nitta; Arata also attempts to heal Nobara's body as much as he can, telling Yuji there's a "not 0%" chance she may survive. Todo begins to fight Mahito, and with a newfound resolve, Yuji joins the battle. Meanwhile, the rest of the Kyoto students make their way to Shibuya to support. Miwa talks to Mechamaru's puppet, who becomes incredibly upset over Mechamaru manipulating events to "protect" them, which she believes is him calling them weak. Before he disappears, Mechamaru tells Miwa how he wanted to protect the girl he loved no matter what, and hopes that she will be happy, as she breaks down in tears. Yuji, Todo, and Mahito's battle continues, with Todo's cursed technique, alongside Nobara's previous intervention, proving to be more troubling for Mahito. After Todo executes his own Black Flash, Mahito unleashes a horde of transfigured humans, bursting everyone back onto the streets of Shibuya.