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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 19



After Akari is taken to safety, Nobara re-enters the veil, not wanting to stay back while the others are still fighting. Nobara fights the Mahito Double, who is unable to use Idle Transfiguration on others like the main body. They discover that Nobara's Resonance is actually the perfect counter to Mahito, damaging the soul of both the double and main body still fighting Yuji. Seeing the effects of Nobara's attack rejuvenates Yuji as he pounds away at Mahito. Both Mahitos escape their combatants, luring them into a hallway, where they trade places, allowing the real Mahito to catch Nobara off guard and touch her face. Nobara starts to think back on her past, growing up in her village, befriending a girl named Fumi, and idolizing the older Saori, who is eventually driven out by the other villagers, which threw Nobara into despair. On the day she left for Tokyo, Nobara promised Fumi that the three of them would reunite again someday. Elsewhere in the present, a workaholic Saori reflects on her previous interactions with the girls. As she sees all of her old friends surrounded in a white void of empty chairs, Nobara tells Yuji her life wasn't bad, as the left side of her face explodes, and her body lies seemingly dead on the ground, to Yuji's horror.