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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 16


Megumi fights Toji, but continues to be overwhelmed by his power and speed. The two eventually corner each other and nearly get a deadly hit in, forcing them to back off. Toji recalls back to when he sold Megumi to the Zen'ins, and asks Megumi for his name; when he responds "Fushiguro", Toji kills himself by stabbing his own head, satisfied with how he turned out. Megumi is about to head to Shoko to get healed, but is surprise attacked by Haruta. Meanwhile, Kusakabe has been stalling with Panda patrolling around Shibuya so as not to get into any fights, when they encounter some of Geto's old followers; their fight is then interrupted by Sukuna and Jogo's battle. Jogo unleashes his tremendous fire power, absolutely decimating Shibuya, but Sukuna is able to evade and counteract with an incredible intensity, even sparing some time to toy around with the sorcerers caught in the middle trying to escape. Sukuna eventually uses his "open" technique, revealing his capability to use fire to fight Jogo's head on. Jogo is promptly burned to death, where he reunites with Hanami and Dagon in a white void, as they express their desire to see each other again, and Sukuna compliments Jogo on his strength. Sukuna then reunites with a curse user from his past, Uraume, while elsewhere, a creature starts to attack Haruta and an unconscious Megumi.