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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 15



After entering the Domain, Toji takes Maki's cursed tool and immediately begins targeting the strongest opponent in the area, Dagon. Everyone is stunned as Toji completely overwhelms Dagon with his immense speed and strength, brushing off all of his attacks and eventually killing him, ending the Domain. Without any time to react, Megumi is unexpectedly launched out the building to confront Toji himself. Jogo suddenly appears to mourn Dagon's death, and effortlessly incinerates Nanami, Maki, and Naobito. He then senses Sukuna's presence and rushes to find the Hasaba sisters feeding Yuji a finger. He scares them off and proceeds to feed Yuji ten fingers, to make a total of fifteen fingers within him. Sukuna awakens, stunning Jogo and the Hasabas into absolute fear by his presence. Sukuna asks the Hasabas what they want for providing the finger, and they ask him to kill the imposter inhabiting Geto's body, offering another finger's location as further compensation. Annoyed by their request, Sukuna brutally kills them both. He then addresses Jogo, who simply says he only desires Sukuna's complete resurrection, and suggests he make a pact with Yuji to take control of the body. Sukuna denies this, having his own plans, but allows Jogo the chance that if he can land one hit on him, he will assist his group.