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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 13




Before his encounter with Choso, Yuji passed by civilians being attacked by cursed spirits in the streets, until Toge Inumaki arrived to handle it. Choso attacks using his cursed technique, Blood Manipulation: Convergence-Piercing Blood, catching Yuji off guard and piercing his left arm. Choso asks Yuji for his brother's last words, where he reveals to him that they cried before dying. Yuji finds himself struggling to overcome Choso's defences and attacks, until Mechamaru re-awakens, advising Yuji of a plan. They lure Choso into the bathroom, in which Yuji has flooded it, and while the Mechamaru robot is destroyed, the water disrupts Choso's outer blood, preventing him from going at his fullest. Despite this, Choso manages to pierce Yuji's liver, and believing he will die anyway, goes all out with the intent of taking Choso down too. However, Choso uses his blood to form a shield to protect his chest from Yuji's Divergent Fist, and knocks him unconscious. Choso is about to finish him off, to Sukuna's disappointment, when something unexpected occurs. Flashes of memories begin to flood Choso's mind of he and his brothers hanging out, including Yuji. The supposed revelation causes him to spiral in disbelief and wander away. Later, the Hasaba sisters discover the unconscious Yuji.