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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Explained in Hindi Episode 10


As he is about to be sealed away, Gojo addresses the real Geto, causing Geto's hand to start choking out his body, which surprises and amuses the imposter "Pseudo-Geto". The Prison Realm is then closed, trapping Gojo. Elsewhere, Mechamaru reveals to Yuji and Mei Mei what just happened, including that he created a couple puppets as failsafes in case he died and Gojo was sealed. Mei Mei and Ui Ui stay behind to deal with several special grade cursed spirits in the subway, while Yuji runs to the surface to inform the other sorcerers of Gojo's predicament. The other teams are sent further into the veil, when Kiyotaka Ijichi is attacked by curse user Haruta Shigemo. Yuji yells out from the top of the buildings to Kento Nanami about Gojo's sealing, which is heard by the other teams. Meanwhile, the Prison Realm suddenly drops onto the ground due to Gojo's interference within, forcing them to have to wait until it stabilizes; Pseudo-Geto's group also discover Mechamaru's spying puppets. The curses then get into an argument over Yuji's fate, with Choso and Mahito wanting to kill him, while Jogo wants to resurrect Sukuna. Mahito proposes they all race to see whoever can find him first. After they leave, the Hasaba sisters confront Pseudo-Geto about giving Geto his body back, but he dismisses them. Nanami, Megumi, and Ino reconvene with Yuji, as they proceed to split up to deal with the remaining veils within Shibuya.