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Trapped in a dating sim in Hindi episode 7 

Story :


Episode 7: "Flag 7.0 - And so the Flag Flies"

Keima's next conquest is a girl named Chihiro Kosaka, a member of the band "2B Pencils." Chihiro has a crush on Yūsuke, the lead vocalist of the band, but struggles with her lack of confidence. Keima joins the band as a temporary guitarist to help Chihiro overcome her insecurities and express her true feelings to Yūsuke.

Keima encourages Chihiro to sing solo during a live performance, a daunting task for her. Through his support and guidance, Chihiro gains the courage to step into the spotlight and delivers an emotionally powerful performance. Keima's presence and belief in her abilities strengthen Chihiro's affection for him, leading to a complex love triangle between Chihiro, Yūsuke, and Keima.