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Trapped in a dating sim in Hindi episode 6 

Story :


Episode 6: "Shining Star"

Keima's next target is Kusunoki Kasuga, a skilled martial artist from a prestigious family. Keima discovers that Kusunoki has a split personality issue. As the result of a past trauma, Kusunoki developed a masculine alter ego named Keima Sakurai. Keima must find a way to help Kusunoki reconcile her two personalities and embrace her true self.

Keima uses his gaming knowledge to set up scenarios where Kusunoki can confront her fears and regain control over her emotions. Through intense training and emotional support, Keima guides Kusunoki towards self-acceptance and a resolution of her inner conflicts. As Kusunoki starts to merge her two personalities, she develops deep feelings for Keima, further complicating their relationship.