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Trapped in a dating sim in Hindi episode 5 

Story :

Episode 5: "Flag 5.0 - The Section Chief Cometh!"
Keima's next conquest is Shiori Shiomiya, a shy and introverted bookworm who works at the library. Keima devises a plan to win her heart by pretending to be a fellow book enthusiast. He engages Shiori in conversations about her favorite books, gradually drawing her out of her shell. However, Keima faces a major obstacle when a new section chief, Yūta, joins the library and develops feelings for Shiori.
Yūta's straightforward and extroverted personality poses a direct contrast to Shiori's reserved nature. Keima must outsmart Yūta and prove his genuine connection with Shiori. He goes to great lengths to defend Shiori's love for books and helps her overcome her fear of expressing herself. With his encouragement, Shiori gains the confidence to stand up to Yūta and solidifies her trust in Keima.