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Trapped in a dating sim in Hindi episode 4 

Story :

Episode 4: "The Crusade That is Happening There"
Keima's next target is Kanon Nakagawa, a famous idol. Kanon is infatuated with Keima after witnessing his gaming skills at a live event. Keima accepts the challenge and begins working closely with Kanon to help her improve her singing and performance skills. However, Kanon's self-centered and demanding nature poses a challenge for Keima. He must find a way to capture her heart without succumbing to her whims.
As Keima spends more time with Kanon, he discovers her insecurities and fears of being forgotten by her fans. He uses his knowledge of gaming mechanics to create an online persona that supports Kanon, boosting her confidence. Through their interactions, Keima helps Kanon realize the importance of genuine connections with her fans, leading her to appreciate him on a deeper level.