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Trapped in a dating sim in Hindi episode 3 

Story :


Episode 3: "Drive My Car"

Keima's next target is Mio Aoyama, the strict and disciplined student council president. Keima joins the library committee to get closer to her, as Mio spends most of her time there. To impress Mio, Keima assumes the role of a helpful assistant. However, Mio remains distant and unresponsive to his efforts. Keima realizes that Mio has a deep passion for cars and decides to connect with her through this shared interest.

Keima learns about cars and starts repairing one, hoping to catch Mio's attention. With Elsie's help, he fixes an old car and offers Mio a ride. During the drive, Mio opens up about her struggles and dreams. Keima's understanding and support touch her heart, bringing them closer together. However, a twist occurs when another student, Kanon, becomes infatuated with Keima. Keima faces a new challenge as he tries to navigate his growing feelings for Mio while dealing with Kanon's unexpected interference.

The first three episodes of "The World God Only Knows" introduce us to Keima's unique approach to conquering real girls' hearts. He learns valuable lessons about human connections and the complexities of love. Each episode presents a new challenge and showcases Keima's growth as he adapts his gaming skills to the real world. As the series progresses, Keima's journey becomes even more intricate and emotionally engaging.