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Trapped in a dating sim in Hindi episode 2 

Story :

Episode 2: "The Contract"
Keima continues his quest to conquer Ayumi's heart. However, his initial efforts prove unsuccessful, as Ayumi remains distant and uninterested. Keima realizes that he needs to understand Ayumi better and decides to help her with her track and field training. Through their interactions, Keima begins to grasp Ayumi's motivations and fears. He demonstrates his dedication and support, gradually breaking down Ayumi's walls.
As Keima's efforts bear fruit, Ayumi's perception of him starts to change. She recognizes his genuine care and effort, and her attitude towards him softens. However, another hurdle arises when Ayumi's childhood friend, Chihiro, confesses his feelings to her. Keima faces a difficult choice: should he step aside and let Ayumi choose Chihiro, or should he continue pursuing her?