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Trapped in a dating sim in Hindi episode 10 

Story :


Episode 10: "FLAG.10 - Labyrinth of... My Heart"

Keima's next target is a girl named Minami Ikoma, a member of the theater club. Minami is known for her role as the "queen" of the school, always wearing a mask of superiority. Keima disguises himself as a new member of the theater club to get closer to Minami and understand her true self.

As Keima spends time with Minami, he discovers her vulnerability and insecurities. He assists her in breaking free from her self-imposed expectations and encourages her to embrace her genuine emotions. Keima's support and understanding help Minami let go of her façade and develop genuine feelings for him. However, complications arise when Minami's childhood friend, Ryo, confesses his love for her, creating a love triangle.