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summer time rendering in Hindi episode 21 

Episode 21: "Summer Festival of Lights"
In Episode 21, our characters stumble upon a unique summer festival known for its enchanting display of lights. The episode begins with the main cast discovering a small town adorned with intricately designed lanterns and colorful light installations. They are immediately drawn to the festival's magical atmosphere and decide to explore its wonders.
The festival showcases a mesmerizing parade of illuminated floats, each one representing a different aspect of the town's culture and history. The characters join the procession, marching alongside dancers, musicians, and performers, immersing themselves in the vibrant energy of the event.
As the night deepens, the town becomes aglow with a dazzling array of lanterns, creating a dreamlike ambiance. The characters participate in traditional games and activities, marvel at the light shows, and sample mouthwatering local delicacies. The festival serves as a backdrop for heartfelt conversations and moments of reflection, as the characters cherish the beauty of the present and ponder the lessons they've learned during their summer journey.