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My one hit kill sister in Hindi Episode 1

Story :

Episode 1: "Love Makes the World Go Round"
Keima Katsuragi is a brilliant gamer known as the "God of Conquests" in the virtual world. One day, he receives a mysterious email challenging him to prove his skills by conquering real girls. To his surprise, the sender turns out to be Elsie, a demon from Hell who has been assigned to capture loose souls that have escaped to the human world. Keima, initially skeptical, ends up forming a contract with Elsie.
In their first mission, Keima's target is Ayumi, the most popular girl in school. Keima devises a plan to conquer Ayumi by participating in the school's track and field event. He starts training tirelessly, but his attempts to impress Ayumi fall flat. Keima soon realizes that winning a girl's heart in the real world requires a different strategy than gaming. He learns the importance of genuine connection and personal growth.