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Mushle : Magic and the muscles episode 4 

Story :


Sine he can't fly, Mash simply stands still on the ground. Tom comes telling him that he promised to be number one, but Mash denies it. Tom then states he lacks bamboo, and explains that bamboo is strong and can survive any climate. Tom then realizes he forgot to tell him the Duelo game rules. They are fighting over the control of the ball midair and pass it through a ring for points. They are forbidden form using magic and its all about broom technique. Before returning to his team, Tom explains that he put everything on Duelo, which is why he recruited Mash.

Tom flies up, but another player crashes into him, acting it was an accident and making Tom fall to the ground. Tom has broken a bone and asks the player where is his sportsmanship, however the player doesn't care about that, but only for the win. Lang dorm has taken a good lead of 40 points over Adler dorm. Tom tells Mash that winning isn't important, but that they give it their all. Since they are 6 players versus 4, Lang continues to increase their lead to 50 points.